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Mary Crafts has been part of the best events in Utah for over 35 years. She is the largest off-premise caterer in Utah, catering for names like Oprah Winfrey, George W. Bush, and Sir Elton John. She's a 16X Best of State winner! Now there's an opportunity to give back and to share with others her hard-won life lessons and success, bringing you her life experiences as only she can to help you craft a meaningful life!

May 16, 2024

In this episode of "Crafting a Meaningful Life," Mary Crafts interviews guest Paige Clark, a breakthrough coach who helps individuals unlock their potential and create the lives they love. Paige discusses the power of reprogramming the mind through techniques such as repetition, heightened emotional states, and accessing the subconscious in theta state. She also explores the benefits of plant medicine and the importance of recognizing, releasing, and replacing limiting beliefs. Paige offers valuable insights and tools for personal transformation, whether you're an entrepreneur, a stay-at-home mom, or anyone seeking better health, wealth, and relationships. Don't miss this enlightening conversation.

Paige H. Clark

Paige’s work has empowered countless individuals to unlock their potential and Spiral Up into lives that they love. Her journey into the world of holistic wellness and personal development was sparked by her own quest for balance, self love, healing, and self-discovery after a devastating divorce, 8 years of single motherhood and breast cancer. Paige has a degree in finance and spent 8 years teaching hypnosis for birth. After her divorce she began business coaching but soon realized working on the conscious level was slow and much less effective than accessing the subconscious and guiding her clients to find the answers within.

 Through parts work, timeline therapy, inner child work and inner counsel work, she now guides her clients as they tap into their subconscious minds, uncover limiting beliefs, and rewrite their internal narratives for more health, wealth and better relationships. Paige's dedication to empowering entrepreneurs to have lives that they love has earned her a reputation as a respected and inspiring figure in the field of mindset breakthrough work.

She has worked with thought leaders like Alison Armstrong, Helen Racz and Gerald and Mayah Rose Rogers and her passion for fostering positive change continues to touch the lives of those who seek her guidance. As a yoga instructor, Thai massage therapist and retreat specialist, Paige loves to put on transformational retreats. This stems from her love of putting on events and throwing parties! She has been putting on events since she was a teen and now loves to put on retreats that facilitate self-discovery, transformation and rejuvenation. She is putting on her 16th retreat in May! Her retreats offer a harmonious blend of yoga, meditation, personal growth workshops, delicious healthy food, body work and relaxation.


 Paige's retreats provide participants with an opportunity to unwind, connect and embark on transformative journeys.

For more information about Paig's breakthrough sessions, retreats, mastermind and classes, visit her website or