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Mary Crafts has been part of the best events in Utah for over 35 years. She is the largest off-premise caterer in Utah, catering for names like Oprah Winfrey, George W. Bush, and Sir Elton John. She's a 16X Best of State winner! Now there's an opportunity to give back and to share with others her hard-won life lessons and success, bringing you her life experiences as only she can to help you craft a meaningful life!

Sep 22, 2023

One of the most profound topics that Mary often talks about is the role of fear in our lives. Fear can hold us back, prevent us from reaching our full potential, and hinder our ability to experience true joy. Curtis J. Morley, in his book "Counterfeit Emotions," sheds light on the concept of counterfeit emotions and how they can deceive us into living in a state of fear and disconnection.

Curtis explains that every authentic emotion has a counterfeit counterpart, except for one: peace. The counterfeit emotions masquerade as the authentic ones, leading us astray and creating destructive patterns in our lives. By understanding and recognizing these counterfeit emotions, we can break free from their grip and embrace a more authentic and fulfilling existence. Curtis shares his personal journey of discovering the difference between authentic and counterfeit emotions, and how understanding this distinction can lead to a more fulfilling life. They also explore the role of fear in preventing people from recognizing and addressing their counterfeit emotions. Curtis offers a masterclass and book on the topic to help others transform their lives.

About Curtis:

Curtis Morley is a WSJ Best Selling Author, coach, mentor, educator, thought leader, mountaineer, and patent holder, he’s helped multiple entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth through his company the Entrepreneurs Paradox. Curtis has built companies achieving 20x growth and acquired 96 of the Fortune 100 as clients, been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year, 40-Under-40, and Inc. 500/5000 six times including Hall of Fame. He’s recently changed his focus to bringing to light the principles behind his forthcoming book “Counterfeit Emotions.” He’s now sharing this life-changing message with individuals so they can find peace and achieve healthy, balanced, and centered lives.


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Key Takeaways:

  • Authentic emotions connect us to ourselves, God, others, and the truth.
  • Counterfeit emotions, such as shame and misery, create destructive patterns of disconnection.
  • Guilt is the authentic emotion that connects us to ourselves, God, others, and the truth, while shame is its counterfeit.
  • Pain and joy can coexist, but misery and joy are exclusive.
  • Fear is the counterfeit of faith, as fear creates a future we don't want, while faith creates a future we do want.
  • The Masterclass offered by Curtis Morley helps individuals recognize and overcome counterfeit emotions in their lives.