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Mary Crafts has been part of the best events in Utah for over 35 years. She is the largest off-premise caterer in Utah, catering for names like Oprah Winfrey, George W. Bush, and Sir Elton John. She's a 16X Best of State winner! Now there's an opportunity to give back and to share with others her hard-won life lessons and success, bringing you her life experiences as only she can to help you craft a meaningful life!

Jan 14, 2018

On this episode, Mary asks the question "What would you do today if you were no longer afraid"? Do you filter your decisions through fear or through love?

From the struggles with fear she had early on in her life, Mary walks you through the moments that held her back, from walks to school, gym class to skiing with family. So how did she rid herself of this fear and not allow herself to miss out on one more day? Find out today!